SleepFrequently Asked Questions


Where will my child sleep during the day?

For babies and younger children, cots are available to ensure their safety and comfort during sleep times.  Older children are provided with mats on the floor that are covered with sheets that are only used by your child on their day of attendance. These are regularly washed to ensure they remain hygienic.

My child no longer sleeps in the day, how will the Centre manage this?

As children grow their sleep needs change and as such staff will provide quite time activities for children who no longer have a sleep.  Staff will work closely with families to determine the best care for the child and parents can request that a child isn’t put down to sleep during the day (particularly where this impacts on the child’s night time routine).

What is the Centre’s policy on children and sleep?

Eltham Woods recognises the importance of sleep or rest periods for children.  Each room has a specified period during the day in which children are encourage to rest or sleep as appropriate to their age and development.