Settling your child into careFrequently Asked Questions

Settling your child into care

If I have a concern about something, who can I raise this with?

In the first instance the Centre Coordinator is available to assist families who have questions or concerns.  However Eltham Woods has a Grievance Procedure which also allows you to escalate any concerns to the Committee of Management for resolution.  Please contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370 for more information.

Does the Centre offer occasional care or half day care?

No, our Centre provides long day care and does not offer occasional care or half day places.  All places at the Centre are offered as full day places regardless of the period of time the child attends care during the day.

What are the age groups of the rooms?

Children are cared for in groups with children of similar age and needs.  As such our Centre operates the following rooms:

Butterfly Room (Babies) Wombat Room (Toddlers) Possum Room (Kinder)
3 months – 2.5 years 2 years – 3.5 years 3 years – school age

When outdoors, the children from the Butterfly room have their own space within the yard. The Wombat and Possum Room children share an extensive play area with various climbing structures and outdoor toys.

What if my child is unsettled after I leave?

Our staff are very experienced in caring for children as they transition into care and any child who is unsettled or upset will be well cared for until they feel comfortable in the care environment.  If staff feel that the child is not going to settle after a period of time or is unreasonably upset, staff will ensure they contact you to determine what is best for your child.

Am I able to visit my child during the day?

Yes, Eltham Woods Childcare has an open door policy and parents are welcome to visit at any time during the day.  Parents may find this useful immediately after the orientation period until such time as your child has settled into care.

Do you offer an orientation period?

Yes, you are encouraged to work together with the carers at Eltham Woods to formulate an orientation plan that meets your family’s needs.  A gradual introduction involving you remaining at the Centre with your child over two shorter stays is recommended as it allows your child time to familiarise themselves with their new environment, the other children and their carers.  It also allows you to share information with the carers about your child and to observe staff and the centre.

What happens if my child does not settle well into care?

Leaving your child in the care of someone else can be an overwhelming and daunting experience.  The staff at Eltham Woods recognise the emotions felt by both parent and child during the transition phase and will work closely with you and your child to ensure a smooth transition to care.  For this reason the Centre offers an orientation period during which your child is gradually settled into care.