Security & EmergenciesFrequently Asked Questions

Security and Emergencies

What security is in place at the Centre?

Eltham Woods Childcare places a strong emphasis on ensuring the Centre is a safe environment for everyone.  There are many processes in place to facilitate this including checklists, policies, procedures and physical structures.  The Centre has documented Occupational Health and Safety procedures for both children and staff.  In addition the Centre is supported by Nillumbik Council and other agencies to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment for the children.

Does the Centre have an Emergency Plan?

Yes, the Centre has a plan in place which was significantly revised after the Black Saturday Fires and is revised annually.  This plan applies to all types of emergencies (not just bushfire) and the Centre undertakes regular evacuation exercises to ensure that in the event of an emergency the children are familiar with the processes.

What happens to this Centre on high risk bushfire days?

Like a number of children’s services within the Eltham area, Eltham Woods Childcare has previously been identified by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development as being at risk on Code Red Fire Danger.  On days which are declared Code Red (Catastrophic) the Centre will be closed and no care is provided.  More information is available at the Department’s website. The committee of management also closes the centre on days classified as extreme fire danger days in our central fire district. Families are given as much notice as possible regarding these closures.