Operation of the CentreFrequently Asked Questions

Operation of the Centre

Does the Centre offer a kindergarten program?

Yes we offer a funded kindergarten program in our possum room. Our kindergarten program operates 4 days per week, with our kindergarten having 1 day a week to program. The days that the program runs is determined by the children enrolled in the program, please contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370 to check the arrangements for the year in which your child reaches kindergarten age.

How does the Centre keep in contact with parents?

Regular contact is maintained with families by using email as we have found this to be an effective and environmentally friendly method to share information about the Centre.  Communication will include a regular newsletter, notices of upcoming events, communication from the Committee of Management and fortnightly invoices.  There are also various notice boards at the Centre entrance which share information.

What do I need to send with my child when they go to care?

Eltham Woods supplies all food, drink and nappies required by the children during the day.  Sunscreen and nappy creams are available but due to allergies the Centre is happy for parents to provide their own.  Children will require appropriate clothes and foot wear and their diet still includes breast milk or formula you will also need to supply this.  From September to May children will need to bring appropriate sun hats for outdoor play and during the cooler months jackets and warm hats.

Is the Centre run by Nillumbik Council?

No. The building from which the service operates is owned by Nillumbik Council and they maintain the physical building and associated structures of the Centre.  However the childcare service operates as a not for profit cooperative.  This means that a group of volunteer parents with children at the Centre form a Committee of Management.  A Centre Coordinator is engaged by the Committee to manage the operational requirements of the Centre.

Can I take a tour of the Centre?

Yes, we encourage new families to make a time to come and tour the Centre.  Whilst you are welcome to call in at any time, to assist us with caring for the children we request you contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370 to make a time when we can spend some time to show you around the Centre and its facilities.

What are the benefits of sending my child to Eltham Woods Childcare Cooperative?

If you speak to the staff and families of Eltham Woods they will most likely share a number of factors which make Eltham Woods a great childcare centre.  This includes the high level of quality care, the natural environment which surrounds the Centre, the dedication of the long servicing staff, the community spirit of a cooperative based childcare and the knowledge that as a not for profit Centre all money is used to benefit the care of the children attending the Centre.

What qualifications are held by the staff?

The Centre actively ensures we remain compliant with all government regulations in relation to qualifications held and staff to children ratios.  Our staff have various qualifications in Children’s Services including Certificate III, Diploma and Kindergarten teaching qualifications.  They also regularly update their qualifications such as First Aid and Anaphylaxis training.

How long have the staff been employed at Eltham Woods Childcare?

Eltham Woods Childcare is extremely proud of the length of service of the staff at the Centre, with a number of staff being employed by the Centre in excess of 10 or 15 years.  As a result we have an experienced team who work cohesively to provide consistent care to the children.