Fees and LeviesFrequently Asked Questions

Fees and Levies

What happens if I am unable to pay my fees?

You should contact the Centre Coordinator immediately if you are unable to pay your fees at any time.  We are happy to work with you to determine the options available.  The Centre also has a policy for managing unpaid accounts and extended or recurring periods can result in forfeiture of your child’s place at the Centre.

What payment methods are available?

The Centre aims to provide flexible options for payment of fees.  Our preferred payment method is by Direct Debit however families can also pay online by credit card using the secure Childcare Smart Fees site.  If required, arrangements can be made to pay fees by cheque or cash.  Regardless of the method selected prompt and regular payment is essential to ensure the Centre meets its financial obligations such as payment of staff wages.

What support is available for payment of fees?

As an accredited childcare centre, families may be eligible for the various government rebates including the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR) which can be deducted from your fees prior to the Centre invoicing.  Please ensure you contact the Family Assistance Office to determine your entitlements http://www.familyassist.gov.au/  The Centre will require your CCB reference number before any adjustments can be made to fees.

Does the Centre require payment of a bond?

Once you have accepted a place for your child at Eltham Woods you will be required to pay a bond equivalent to 2 weeks of care.  This will be returned to you when you leave the Centre and after all accounts have been cleared.

Will I be charged for days on which my child is absent?

Yes, like most Childcare Centres, fees are payable for the days on which your child is enrolled regardless of whether they are in attendance.  This includes public holidays and when your child is absent due to illness, family holidays or other reasons.   Fees are not payable during the close down period over the Christmas break.

Are there any other fees payable?

The fees charged by the Centre are directly used to meet the daily requirements of providing care for the children including staff wages, utilities and meals.  However in order to maintain the facilities (separate from the services provided by Nillumbik Council for the building) and to provide materials for the children’s activities, the Centre also charges some levies.  As at 1 January 2014 these levies are as follows: Resources & Maintenance Levy Quarterly Annual 1 child in care $62.50 $250.00 2 or more children in care $87.50 $350.00 In some instance, these fees are waived annually (in part or full) for families who actively participant on the Committee of Management or assist with other tasks. For further information and to confirm the current levies, please contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370.

What fees are charged?

As a not for profit service, all fees are invested into the operation of the Centre.  Our aim is to offer a cost effective service that is accessible to the community.  Our fees as of 1 January 2018 are as follows: Rate Fee Daily $106.00 As with most services, our fees are periodically revised by the Committee of Management in accordance with our budget processes. For further information and to confirm the current fees, please contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370.

What is the payment cycle for fees?

The Centre operates on a fortnightly fee payment cycle.  Once the bond is received, families pay fortnightly for services provided during the previous period.  In order for the Centre to remain financially viable, we require prompt and regular payment of fees and levies.