Committee of ManagementFrequently Asked Questions

Committee of Management

What are the benefits of joining the Committee of Management?

Apart from the opportunity to contribute to the operation of the Centre and actively support your child and other children in the community by providing this valuable service, families are also eligible to have some or all the annual levies waived.  Please contact the Centre Coordinator on 9431 1370 for more information.

If my child attends the Centre, is it compulsory to attend Committee meetings?

No, however we encourage families to at least attend our Annual General Meeting around March each year.  We know that families are very busy (this is often the reason childcare has been sought in the first place), so we have a number of families who offer their skills to complete various tasks at a time that is convenient to them.

Can I join the Committee of Management?

Yes, in fact we actively encourage all families to consider joining the Committee of Management.  By joining you have an opportunity to have a say in how the Centre operates and provide input into decisions including fee increases and policy development.  Past members of the Committee of Management have shared that they have made lifetime friendships, developed skills that have helped them both personally & professionally and have felt a great sense of satisfaction in contributing to the welfare of their children and the community by participating on the Committee.

I have heard that Eltham Woods is a Cooperative, what does that mean?

As a Cooperative, Eltham Woods Childcare is managed by a Committee of Management made up of parents with children attending the Centre.  The Committee engages a Centre Coordinator who is responsible for the day to day operation of the Centre.  As a result, there is no ‘owner’ of the business and therefore no profits are taken from the Centre.  All money is reinvested into providing the highest quality care for the children.