ActivitiesFrequently Asked Questions


What is the Centre’s approach to sun safety?

The Centre has a sun smart policy which requires child and staff to wear either a bucket or legionnaire hat and sunscreen when outside during September to May. Parents may purchase a bucket hat with the centres logo on it for $10 from the centre coordinator. In the warmer months this is also balanced by avoiding outdoor activities in the middle of the day.

Can I meet with staff to discuss the progress of my child?

Yes, you are encouraged to approach staff at any point to set up a time to discuss your child’s progress.  It is important to ensure that an appropriate time is set up to minimise disruption to the care of other children.  Alternatively the Centre will offer various times during the year when appointments can be made to meet with staff.

Do the staff plan specifically for my child?

Yes, staff a Centre prepare plans specific to each child’s needs in line with the National Early Years Learning Framework.  This is carried out on periodic cycle and staff welcome the opportunity to discuss these plans with families.

Does the Centre celebrate any events?

Yes, the Centre celebrates many events during the year including staff and children’s birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mothers and Fathers day.  We also try to incorporate other cultural events such as Chinese New Year or other community activities such as football days or similar events.

What will a normal day involve?

The Centre provides a structured environment in which appropriate routines assist the children to feel safe in the care environment.  This includes periods of play, rest and meals along with indoor and outdoor activities.